Inspections You Can Trust


Whether you’re a  home buyer, a seller, or the agent facilitating the transaction, an honest, responsible home inspection by a dedicated home inspector is crucial. We have the experience you need to make an informed decision. Our SOHPI certified inspectors assure you peace of mind.
Home inspections can cause stress, anxiety, and apprehension. We are here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Whether you’re buying, selling, or assisting in the process,  we provide professional and thorough information about your home.

All our inspectors are highly trained State Licensed Inspectors.  All are graduates of the School of Professional Home Inspection and have been mentored by licensed inspectors.

Every inspection is performed to the State Standards of Practice and Washington State Code of Ethics.

You will know that your home has been thoroughly inspected for neglect, damage, construction defects or others major concerns. Our methodical, precise approach to home inspections and strict standards of practice ensure you a quality experience.



Our current list of inspectors available throughout western Washington and beyond.